Son of Beach

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I’ve never been a car guy, gear head, muscle car boy, what ever you want to call those who cherry up and pose next to their vehicles. Sure, I listen to Tom & Ray on Car Talk and take care of my cars but you’ll never catch me flexing on the hood of my car.

Then came Thor. We adopted this thirty-year-old van with 175,000 miles on it, rusty in places, needs paint, new wiper blades, and an Nordic name. Thor is special.



Last week we had the opportunity to drive Thor on the beach. A place called Oceano Dunes just south of Pismo Beach.

As we waited in line to get the checkered flag from the park ranger, a guy pulling a trailer loaded with ATV’s, who sells the sport of sand jockeying, commented on our awesome rig, “Like your VW bug, I mean van. It’s wicked.”



We joined the parade of testosterone filled vehicles driving down the beach for a photo shoot, mostly for the resale portfolio of Thor. Felt like a contestant in the Mad Max rally as dune buggies, ATV’s, and sand cycles rolled past. A chance to get our “wicked” van on the beach and to witness folks crazy about driving in sand(I still don’t get it).

As far as “wicked”… I guess so.

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