A Dogs Tale

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Downsizing and getting rid of stuff is sometimes a tricky, heartbending thing to do but we’re doing it: one tool, one bottle, one dog at a time. However, there is one thing Carli doesn’t want me to let loose~her stuffed dog Pancho.

The beauty of getting rid of or using up stuff is that we are no longer accumulating more stuff. I’m down to one hammer, from six. One pair of cargo shorts fits nicely in my unstuffed drawers. My last bottle of FRANKS RED HOT is almost gone. It’s true, I put that  s**t stuff on everything. Hali has bottles of lotion turned upside down so that she can squeeze out every last drop, and we’re down to the nitty-gritty of the shampoo too. Even the stuff Carlos and Carli have left behind.


Everyday Dogs

I’ve been using Carli’s stuff for weeks and I’m not any blonder. Silver maybe, but certainly not blonde. Proof that packaging and marketing shampoo is all on the outside of the bottle. And even more proof of the target market~~~> Blondes? Dogs?

Many of my neighbors refer to Carlos as my shadow since he’s slowed down a bit the last year, always tailin’ a few steps behind, wearing his shiny black coat. So as the dog days of summer wind down, you might spot a silver-haired mutt walking the neighborhood streets with his four-legged friend, but you won’t smell him.


Carlos, My Four-Legged Friend

Go ahead and call me a dog, just don’t call me a dirty dog!

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