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The iconic carpet at PDX has been replaced. After some 30 years, miles of foot traffic, a march through the Rose Festival Parade, and millions of foot selfies, this is what it looks like today…

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Not much design difference but it brings out the freshness at this passenger~friendly airport.

In addition, my last experience through airport security was very pleasant. Yes, the shoes came off but the belt stayed on. In fact, there was no need to fill that little plastic tub with my stuffed pockets. My wallet, glasses, change, and scraps of travel notes went through just how I packed them-in my pants. Plus, this was the first time I’ve gone through the gate paperless. No, fumbling around for a boarding pass. A scan of my phone and into the jetway I went. I was on my way to Disney World!

The flights were uneventful, on-time, and full of happy travelers. Grandma Sue connected with me in Kansas City where we enjoyed my FREE birthday beers on the next leg to Orlando. Thanks Southwest for delivering me, my two FREE checked bags, and Grandma Sue to the most magical place on earth.

The new carpet? I like it. The new security measures? I LUV them.

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