A Walk In The Woods With Goldilocks

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Despite the claim that it “always rains in Oregon“, we have skipped winter. Not a lot of rain, snow, mud. It’s been very mild. Not too hot, not too cold. In my twenty-five years up here, I don’t remember a February and March with temps in the 70’s. A good time to take a hike is NOW.

One of my favorite suburban parks is in the bedroom community of West Linn~Wilderness Park. Having lived in West Linn for seventeen years I know this park well and so does Carlos. Unlike parks in Portland, there are days I don’t see another soul or dog on these trails. Like I said, bedroom community. In a sense, we own these fifty-one acres on a bluff overlooking the Willamette River with snow-capped Mt. Hood in the distant.

With an early spring this is a good chance to see the short-lived state flower, the trillium. Among the towering Douglas Fir embraced by ferns and shade, you’ll find three broad leaves with three delicate white petals gracefully spread, beckoning the sun.

photo 1

Oregon state flower

I have been through this park hundreds of times and have names for the trails and many of the trees. On the loop trail(pretty catchy, eh) you can find my “pet” trees. There is Scoobie Doo tree, three brothers, and if I’ve packed a beer, my favorite, resting tree.

I can spend hours at a time here without running into another hiker. A little rain never bothered me nor Carlos so when we can have this park to ourselves I can pretend I’m Goldilocks wandering through these woods on this glorious day in March. And that’s what makes this park JUST RIGHT.

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