It Never Hurts to Ask

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4 friends ready for canoe trip

Four Friends in France on the river

This past week Hali was diligently updating and improving our website. Cursing the computer, working with technical support – who speak a foreign language – she conquers things I will never understand: PHP, cPanel, CSS… All this, to maintain our DIY project, Passports & Postcards. For us, it’s a hobby. We’re constantly evaluating the components ($+time) that equals our “hobby.” A relatively inexpensive hobby. Anyone golf?

So, Hali asked me if I would help by putting out this weeks newsletter. That’s the thing with Hali. She isn’t afraid to ask. I could have made excuses why I couldn’t sit for a few hours to write a blog. Or, we could have simply skipped a week. I even thought we could “recycle” a post. But, I was all “in,” you see, as it turns out, we had a weekend that happens in your dreams! Yes, I have to admit, recurring football dreams happen this time of year.

Perfect Timing!

Raymond James Billboard

Leaving Bev & John’s Tampa paradise, to meet a 1:00 phone appointment with Kate, our financial advisor, we pass the Exit for Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Funny, Kate works for Raymond James. Just as I signal a lane change, a light went off in my head. Heck, we’ve known Kate for over 20 years, I wonder if she has any connections for tickets to a game. The Buccaneers are in town this weekend… AND SO ARE BEV & JOHN. Kate Fisher has been the Financial Advisor for both of our families. Hali will just have to ask Kate. WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

I should mention, Hali is much better at asking, than I am.

POP the Question!

So, Hali throws in THE QUESTION during the small talk portion of the appointment – and Kate is all over it. She is also curious if she would have a connection to tickets. She tells Hali she needs “to make some friends fast.”

Then, what proceeded was the longest part of my life. Rather than hanging up and letting Kate get to business, Hali droned on about our finances.

Oh, and then the former President Bush went and died. Businesses, like Raymond James were closed. But Kate was still working on it and so was the President of Raymond James – answering Kate’s call on a day the market was closed.

It Never Hurts to Ask

Like waiting for Christmas, a couple days later Kate scored (with a lot of help from her NEW friends.) FOUR TICKETS on the 50 yard line, SAINTS side. Immediately I was planning for the tailgate party and had my menu outlined within minutes: New Orleans’ own, muffuletta sandwich – just like Salvatore Lupo’s 1906 version at his store, Central Grocery Co. on Decatur Street – and a mix of Florida brews. I could taste it now.

Muffuletta at a tailgate

Hali’s side had no meat, extra veggies and tofu.


The King of sandwiches

Once we were properly scanned, and searched, we huddled in our seats. I could practically tackle Drew Brees, we were just that close.

Drew Brees

Who dat?

The Bucs had a rough time chasing him down as the Saints ran away with the game in the second quarter. The Saints are in first place and Brees is on course for having a MVP caliber season.

…just seeing if anyone is actually reading this.

I think the Saints fans outweighed the Buccaneers, their enthusiasm, chants and game-day gear kept Hali asking for photos. It was Party in the Street vs Pirate Party. Again, Hali has no problem asking to take a photo. What’s there to lose? There were plenty of fans willing to pose for these photos.

Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

(translation: Who is that? Who is that? Who is that who says, they are going to beat those Saints?)

Thank you Kate! We will keep you another twenty years.


Thanks to this guy, BANJO, who plays fourth-string special teams. Moonlights on Bourbon Street during home games.

For a bunch of dudes, there sure was a lot of fumbling over hair rather than the football.

But, it was this guy, “FABIO,” he wins the Woody trophy for Best Hair.

Thanks to all of our Faithful Fans For Following. Stay tuned as plans are underway for our journey into 2019.

Happy Halidays!

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4 thoughts on “It Never Hurts to Ask

  1. Amy Stevenson

    Thank you Woody and Hali for sharing your blog. Its always fun to see what adventures you are up to! One of my favorite things about Hali is her unabashed nature to speak up. I owe the success of my career to her, because of this. I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and happy early birthday Hali!


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