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Fool For Thought

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By Carlos the Dog ! It was a year ago April Fools Day that I published my first blog. Fluke? I don’t think so. In that short year we’ve accomplished… Read more »


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By Woody Pope Yesterday I cranked up my music compilation, grabbed the garden loppers , and went at it in the yards. My guilty pleasure~singing, while Edward Scissorhands-ing the shrubs…. Read more »


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By Woody Pope I know it’s only been a couple months since Super Bowl but I’ve been craving football. Remedy for this, the Grisham novel, Playing For Pizza. A story… Read more »

Giant Artichoke

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By Woody Pope This little story reminds me of a Carli-ism from her early years… Driving up to our local AAA office for maps and tour books, Carli asks me,… Read more »

Her Story

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  Every school aged child growing up in Portland during the 50’s, well into the 80’s, and even today remember the stories of Ramona the Pest and OUR fictional friends…. Read more »

And The Oscar Goes To…

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By Woody Pope Call me old fashioned Call me a Luddite(Ned) Call me Woody Just don’t call me Woody Grant Laurelhurst Theater Portland I don’t go out to the movies… Read more »

couple by Intercourse sign


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By Woody Pope Woke up this morning and thought it was the last day of the month. Something us renters are keenly aware of. No, not this year. Instead, today… Read more »


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By Woody Pope My sister called a while back and said she thought Mom was lonely. Let’s go see Mom! So here I am in row 27(I like the aisle… Read more »

Wish Book

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By Woody Pope This book sits on our coffee table in the living room. Every now and then I thumb through it, especially when I hear an interesting geographical fact…. Read more »