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At Passports & Postcards we are a little unique. Unlike 95% of the bloggers out there, we aren’t trying to sell you something. That’s right, no E-Books, no pop-ups, no apps. No promises that we can help you get rich, change your life, or lose that belly fat.

So why are we here?

Well, we enjoy writing, we enjoy travel, and we want to see where this road takes us. Until just recently our trekking included our senior dog, Carlos. Traveling 18 months, across our great nation with a dog isn’t typical, if you want to see what that sort of travel looks like, you can get a taste with these posts:

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We are fairly handy and have traded our efforts for room & board. Check out our Help Line, or see some of our success stories here:

We Entertain Armchair Travelers

Photos of our journey, stories of life from the road, and history lessons are all shared. If you’re an armchair traveler, with an interest geography or history, you may enjoy these posts:

A New Chapter Has Begun

There is unknown freedoms since Carlos our Wonder Dog has passed away. We are anxious to see how this new territory unfolds, and we hope we can keep you interested too. I encourage you to subscribe to our Newsletter here: 

 and find out. Goes out only once a week, and we promise not to up-sell you on anything!