Here's a sampling of our Postcard Collection!

We believe postcards are a wonderful little souvenir: easy to pack, easy to share and relatively cheap to keep or send. Hey, there isn't anything like trying to buy stamps, find a mailbox or a post office in a foreign country. Postcards offer many opportunities to interact with locals. We have postcards framed, on our cork board and when they're from friends, they land on the fridge. On this page you'll see our collection, each postcard will take you to a blog post of that destination.

Postcard Collection 2019

  • postcard of the fountain of youth
    Original, Oldest, First - Amelia Island & St. Augustine

Postcard Collection 2018

First Half


  • wall mural, "Caribbean Roots"
    Jes’ Hangin’ Mon: the Caribbean side of Costa Rica

Second Half


  • Back to Barcelona


Postcard Collection from 2017



Dalí postcardpostcard white houses with red roofsbullring postcard"Cathedral: Central Rose Window" - León, SpainDalí postcard


Porto, Portugal and Prague, Czech Republic


porto postcard boats and housingRamos Pinto Postercolorful houses of porto, postcard


Postcards from the Past

We have a long history of postcard collecting. From vintage "finds", to legitimate communication. And, to mention it, inheriting a good many. If you are a collector - this is the place for you!