The Wonderful World Of Disney

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One wonderful reason to visit Disney’s Epcot is that it takes just a day to travel around the world. This holiday season at Epcot every country invites you in sharing their Christmas traditions from Feliz Navidad in Argentina to Kwanzaa in Zimbabwe with Holidays Around The World.


Krismasi Njema

We started our journey in one of our favorite countries-Italy. And a trip to Italy is not complete without a stop in Venice. While visiting the City of Bridges be sure to ask for directions from a local. He’ll assure you that it’s impossible to get lost in this grand City of Water. After all, you’re on an island.


Roma, Epcot




Grand Canal

Our tour guide skipped the local pizzaria and headed us across the Adriatic to Japan for lunch.



Mt. Fuji

We each selected a traditional teppan-yaki dish masterfully prepared by our hibachi chef, Satochi, which means quick-witted in Japanese. I knew I’d like this guy. Look how he can pile up an onion to build a volcano.

Wondered through the colorful bazaar in Morocco, watched tumblers and gymnasts in China, sized up the Eiffel Tower in France, mingled in the Mexican marketplace, and stopped to admire the workmanship of the new FROZEN display in Norway.

Finally, after a long day of world travel, we stopped in Germany for dessert. Here in the heart of Bavaria the candy makers are world famous for their bacon caramel goodies. Deep in the Black Forest the woodcarvers keep busy, especially this time of year.


Black Forest


We concluded our holiday edition tour at the iconic symbol of Epcot~The World. Or is this The World’s Largest Golf Ball

Join us as we exit through the gift store where you can pick up Christmas presents from all over the world and don’t forget your postcard postmarked from the future that you’d sent earlier in the day.P1030766

Merry Christmas

From The Spirit Of Christmas Future

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