Wine Tasting~~~ The French Way

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Having never wine tasted before, we thought we might give it a try in Colmar. This tidy town borders Germany so there is somewhat of a French/German flavor here in the Alsace region of France. Sample lunch menu: Big plates of brats with beer or small plates of snails with wine.

To get around, we rented a car to drive the route de vin (wine way) and kept our eyes peeled for signs that said “degustation vente” (wine tasting). The hills were quilted with vineyards and stitched by connecting one storybook town to the next. Stopped in the tiny town square of Renquir and went into a cave to try some wine. We sipped, we supped, then we split.

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There were two journal entries that brought back the memories of this adventure:

One, we thought we were obligated to repay the few FREE rides we got while hitchhiking in Italy. Our backpacker karma kicked in and we picked up a couple of Belgian backpackers with their thumbs out. Took them where they wanted to go and I assure you it wasn’t back to Belgium. This was wine country not beerville.

Two, after wine tasting, we came home with two bottles of Alsacian wine. No way were we lugging these around for the remaining portion of our trip so we spent three hours trying to ship it home. Turns out, it’s not legal to ship wine to the USA so we sent them as “souvenirs” to our final stop, and friend, Arnout in Amsterdam.

When we arrived in Amsterdam a few weeks later, Arnout pulled out the “souvenirs” and we celebrated~the Dutch way. Melk Weg(Milky Way).

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