Two Guns

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There are two seasons in this part of the Southwest: tourist season and hunting season. It’s late October and by the looks of this town pretty obvious what time of year it is…

Yesterday we stopped at this ghost town just off the historic Route 66 in Arizona. Why’d we stop here? Well, for one, I am not afraid of ghosts. Secondly, it’s Halloween, let’s party with some ghosts while we have daylight. Third, how often do you get to see a real ghost town when you’re the only ones invited “off the beaten path”. Lastly, Carlos had to pee.


Two Guns Ghost Town

Here we were among the ruins of Two Guns Arizona. Just the three of us. Not a single Native American soul in sight. No smoke signals in the distance. Life is Good.

Apparently this little village was the site of a major confrontation between the Apache and Navajo. Once, a winding canyon trail headed west before Route 66 was paved. Later on, when Interstate 40 became a major thoroughfare, this Indian trading post went into ruin.

Now dozens of these cheesy “Indian Trading Posts” line the highway. A good place to stop for a postcard and for the VW van/bus tourists, an authentic Indian blanket. We picked up a few postcards and a souvenir patch while Carlos napped in the back of the van on his very own Mexican blanket-an old New Mexican blanket.


Life is Good

Drove on down “the Route“, which soon became a trail, an hour or so until it started getting dark and the smoke signals began appearing from atop the red rocks. Time to get a room. This place looks good- The Wigwam Motel.

P1020900 2

Hope the ghosts of the Apache don’t get wind of Carlos peeing on a sacred site back at Two Guns. The last thing we need is Carlos getting scalped by the ghost of Geronimo on this dark, smoky(and spooky) Halloween night. Oh wait! I am NOT afraid of ghosts…I am NOT afraid of ghosts…I am Not afraid of ghosts…

Wake up! Wake up!! Woody wake up!!! It’s October 31st, hunting season starts tomorrow November 1st- Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

dia de los muertos

Thank Goodness…Life IS Good!

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