Three Generations

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This statue has been sitting in the harbor in Copenhagen Denmark for a hundred years. She was sculpted as a tribute to local storyteller Hans Christian Anderson. A young Hans is given credit for his tale of the Little Mermaid. Incidentally, he also wrote The Snow Queen for which Disney’s current sensation FROZEN is based~~~

Let it Go


This is twenty-two-year-old Hali visiting the Little Mermaid back in the summer of ’85. Noting in my journal from that summer I thought it odd with all the bicycles in town we were the only ones riding bikes on this promenade that day, “the other tourist snapped their photos from the windows of tour buses including a girl wearing an Iron Door Saloon t-shirt.”~~~



This is the Little Mermaid today~~~



I’m pretty sure she too is twenty-two. She dreams of life above the sea and her dreams are all coming true. Today Mama mermaid is visiting Ariel. Not the solid bronze one sitting on the rock in that cold Danish harbor but the soft, cuddly one in the warm Grotto under the sea at Disney World.









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