The Evolution Of A Princess

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Despite the current heat wave in Portland, we’ve watched the latest Disney movie FROZEN twice this week. As a Scandinavian blue-eyed lass, Carli would fit perfectly the character shoes of Princess Anna.

Carli was three years old the first time she was a guest at Disneyland. Although very excited to meet and greet all the Disney characters that day, she wasn’t quite sure what to think of the giant mouse in a polka dotted skirt and huge white gloves. And how was that big “Minnie” mouse going to sign her autograph book?

I Thought You Said "Mini" Mouse

I Thought You Said “Mini” Mouse

She was six when she visited Disneyland for the second time with her best friend Sarah. This time she was more confident to pose with the princesses. Afterwards, I remember her telling Sarah that one day she wants to work for Walt Disney and she will be a princess.

Princess Belle and Future Princess Ariel

Princess Belle and Future Princess.

Her dream still holds true today and now has her princess foot in Disney’s Princess Hall door. She’s been in the Disney College Program at both Disneyland and Disney World and continues to chase that dream. Auditioning every chance she can and short-listed as Ariel but, up until last week, never getting “the call”.

Of nearly 400 people auditioning for character roles with Disney, 14 were selected~> including Carli. After putting on the make-up, wig, and striking the pose, Carli looked stunningly like Princess Anna.


Carli “Hangin’ Out” With Princess Anna

With the newest Disney addition of Princess Anna from FROZEN, the door to the Magic Kingdom is wide open for Carli. Just goes to show that with a little perseverance, pestiness, and pixie dust, dreams do come true.

Apparently Carli nailed the line a Disney cast member recites all day long~~~

Have a Magical Day~:)


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