The Big Easy?

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It was Friday the 13th and we were driving 10 miles outside of New Orleans when I heard something crack. I thought I’d ran over something, looked in my rearview mirror, and saw my hubcap flying into the median. The guy behind me pulled up in the next lane and pointed at my tire as if my tire was pierced with something pointy. I pulled over three lanes of traffic to see what Thor had in store. All the rubber was good but we’d lost our hubcap. Bad luck? I don’t think so.


French Quarter


The Historic(and haunted) Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Here we were about to stay in the voodoo capital of the world and we already felt cursed. Wait a minute! They don’t call New Orleans “The Big Easy” for nothing. Bah! this voodoo notion. Let’s go have some fun!

We landed a last minute, dog-friendly airbnb room in the heart of town for $65. A breath of fresh air from a few weeks of humdrum, nondescript hotel rooms. No TV, no one cup coffee maker, no little bar of soap, no wi-fi. What does La Quinta mean anyway? I think it translates to dog-friendly hotel plus all of the above amenities and FREE parking.

This “shotgun” home was a short walk from all the other “saints and sinners” action New Orleans serves up every day.


A Skeleton Key To Open The Door



Having been to New Orleans before and taken the “sinners” tour we opted for the “saints” tour this time. This meant early evenings back home. Our quirky, artsy space filled the bill for the weekend. Sure we shared our bathroom with a gal from Belgium(Audrey) but our paths only crossed in the shared living space at the front of the house as we recoiled over our long day down in the French Quarter.


Jackson Square

It wasn’t until Saturday night that Audrey related the terrible news of the Paris attacks. We stayed up with Audrey trying to understand the European perspective of this sort of terror. All of us agreed we live in a violent world, that this was bigger than voodoo, but there is far more good than evil in the world. A good idea to follow the saints on this weekend. And we all agreed the direction the sinners were headed. Bad luck? No, as we all discussed and agreed on the one commonality-karma.


Who Dat?

That’s easy, Dat’s Carlos.




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