Texas Revolution

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As we planned our Portland departure a couple years ago, I remember both Hali and I wrote down our travel “pillars”. Sights around the world that we want to see. Hali had such exotic places listed: Bali, The Inca Trail, Rio, The Great Barrier Reef. I don’t remember a single site she mentioned within our US borders.

My pillars included: The Smithsonian, Gettysburg, Boundary Waters, The Alamo.


Davy Crockett and Dudes


Davy Crockett? Woody? Old West Dude?

If I remember correctly, we had only one matching pillar-The Inca Trail. I also remember Hali chuckling at my inclusion of The Alamo. She must have been thinking that I was following the trail of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, but no, as a kid I was always fascinated with the history of The Alamo. I even dressed up as Davy Crockett one Halloween, all leathers and coonskin cap.


Lone Star State

Back in 1836, the old west dudes who defended this Franciscan Mission, The Alamo, were the underdogs. I’m always rooting for the underdog. So the legend of Santa Anna’s army outnumbering(10 to 1) and battling the ferocious Texas Americans and their rally for independence for 13 days has always stood, to me, a worthwhile revolution. Thirteen days of glory in which a year later Texas independence was finally realized.


I Remember

Remember, this was a revolt WITHIN our US borders. An issue I held dear as a fifth grader much like the Civil War. As a fifth grader parading around my school yard that Halloween with a coonskin cap and full-on deerskin jacket, I was proud to be an a American, and will always remember the battle cry of these Texas heroes~Remember The Alamo!

A fitting remembrance for this Veterans Day.

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