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Sometimes it’s nice to take a vacation in the middle of a long journey. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here in Lake Tahoe.

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Being on the road is work. Sure, with our slow pace their’s plenty of down time but setting up camp, prepping and cooking at camp, planning our next stop, then breaking camp is NOT vacation. It is enjoyable however, because we are our own bosses. Hali’s the camp boss, I’m the road boss. Hali likes to play with fire, I like to read maps and fiddle-fart around with the van.

So, after three weeks on the road, we are here taking some time at a cabin “Rustic Sol” to recharge, do some housekeeping, read and write, and enjoy the niceties of the indoors: plumbing, electricity, Wi-Fi, ice-maker, mirror. A good time to shave that four day old beard and wash our campfire clothes.

At the same time we are also taking time to plan a reunion/party with Hali’s family. Arne turns fifty, and cousins we haven’t seen for ages are all our guests. That means when Carli arrives from Florida on Monday, we’ll all be van camping in the driveway with all the conveniences of the indoors.


Carlos is happy as long is he’s with his two bosses, and FINALLY with his special girl. This special girl has been working so hard and is FINALLY taking her well deserved vacation.

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