Root Beer Lady

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Follow the birch lined road ’til it ends. Hear the lonely call of the loon? You’re in the Northwoods~~~Boundary Waters. Just miles from the Minnesota and Canadian border. Nothing but wildernness between here and Root Beer Lady.

Portage the canoe a half mile to Moose Lake and the journey begins. Bring a paddle, you’ll need it. Fifteen paddle miles you’ll be on the Isle of Pines lapping the rocky shore of Knife Lake. Welcome to Dorothy Molter’s cabin.

There's no place like Dorothy's cabin

There’s no place like cabin~Dorothy’s winter cabin

Need some attention to that bulging blister between your index finger and thumb? As a trained nurse and considered the Nightingale of the Northwoods, Dorothy can help. Thirsty? Dorothy makes root beer, grab a bottle or two.

Tough, rugged, and resourceful, Dorothy did it all: hunted, fished, gardened, chopped wood, and in her spare time made root beer~~~12,000 bottles a year. And it went so fast during the summer, she limited each paddler who found her cabin in the woods to just two bottles.

Today the preservation of this wilderness along with the legacy of Dorothy lives on in these cabins. Now you can put down that paddle and drive to visit Dorothy at the end of the road in Ely Minnesota. Buy a couple bottles of root beer for the road as you pass vans loaded to the gills with canoes and gear ready to explore the wilderness she loved and preserved.

Root Beer Lady

Root Beer Lady

Thanks Dorothy, here’s to you!

Now, can you bandage the gash on my forehead? I smacked myself with a paddle fighting off a flock of mosquitos.

Here in the Northwoods, the spirit of Dorothy paddles on~~~

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