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This quote from Mark Twain has inspired us in the adventure we’re about to embark on:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Today we’ll be moving from a brick and mortar house to a tin and rubber van. Don’t get me wrong, I like bricks and mortar but somehow a tin roof, four tires and a spare sounds more exotic.

The two pieces of advice I got from my trusty mechanic regarding the van were:

Number One~take out the refrigerator.

Number Two~get the Premier AAA membership.

The fridge: If you’re lucky enough to have a working and well maintained fridge you’re even luckier to be able to fit a 12-pack of “road cokes” in it, and lucky still if it gets cold. So I took the fifty pound shoebox-size of bungled tubes and wires out. We now have more storage space and a more efficient cooler that keeps our beer COLD for 5 days.

photo copy

Messy Refrigerator

AAA: We’ve been AAA members since 1979 and normally get the Plus membership. Heeding my mechanics advice, we upped our membership to Premier. For just $20 more we can now be towed up to 200 miles. Heck, I’m half-way thinking of pulling out a belt in Barstow and getting towed to Vegas in an air-conditioned flatbed truck. We can breakdown in Texas and get a lift from Austin to Dallas for FREE.

The other bonus is that should we need to stay in Texas while the van, say, gets a new engine, we get a car rental for two days with no cost to us flatlanders.



There are a few other features this membership includes but I want to talk about maps. As a more visual rather than digital guy, I still like the impossible-to-fold paper road maps. I’ve got fifty of them, one for every state, crumpled up under the drivers seat. Should we get LOST, I’ll just reach down under my seat, randomly pull out a map, and plot the course. Pretty simple.

In camp, I will pull out a map, keeping in mind our final destination, consider terrain and road conditions before actually getting into the van and pointing IT in that direction. From there, I’m very good at navigating by reading road signs. After all, my official initials are MAP.

So go ahead unplug your GPS and follow us vicariously by subscribing today to passports and postcards. Check your email for monthly updates, the digital postcard of the week, and your regular postman delivered mail for that good old fashioned hand written postcard from who knows where.

Road Trippin’

 Let’s go get lost,

Let’s go get lost.

        We three hunky dory’s are anywhere in the USA!

Sit back, crank up our theme song, and enjoy the ride.

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We are a couple who took the first step toward a life of traveling in May, 2015. Staying within the continental US, we amp'd the adventure-factor by traveling in a VW Vanagon, circa 1985. Our mission is to share irresistible and compelling stories conceived from this lifestyle of travel.

1 thought on “Road MAP

  1. Oliver

    Hi Mike and Hali,
    I´ve just got the email with your latest newsletter.
    I´m not quite sure what you guys are doing right now and where you are … but it sounds like fun!!!
    And if you are close by, send an email or give me a call; there will be always a bed and a cold german beer available.
    Keep on rollin´!


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