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It’s true. I confess. I’ve got a penpal. I’ve had this pal for over 15 years and we communicate only “our” old fashioned way~ by postcard. Bob, from Michigan, is my postcard penpal and we’ve exchanged postcards nearly every week and yes, for over 15 years. I’ve got a box full of Michigan postcards to prove it.

The postman always rings twice? Well, today he certainly did. I got two postcards. One from Bob, the other from a total stranger. Even stranger than Bob. You see, when the postman sorts his stack of mail at the beginning of his shift he assumes any postcard in my zip code area is from Bob, intended for me. This other postcard’s address is a half mile away. Yea, same zip code, different street number, but not Woody.


Man From Michigan

So today I have a good excuse to walk Carlos over the five blocks and hand deliver this postcard to whom it’s intended, Reggie.


Let’s Go “Los!


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