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This postcard was sent by our beloved friend Megan. Megan is passionate about the U.S. Constitution and advocates for it as well as something I’m passionate about, but I won’t delve into that. Just contact Megan at 1-800-say-NO-to-bottled-water-!!.

U.S. Capitol Building

U.S. Capitol Building

As a member of her high school Constitution team and huge college spokeswoman she has made it Big Time. Well, that is if one considers working in this domed building “Big Time”.

I’m not quite sure what she is doing here, pretty typical for anyone working in this building , but is some sort of intern rubbing robed elbows with some of our Supreme Court justices. In any case, Megan loves the Constitution and she is living proof that young minds are valuable and working very hard to make this world a better place.

p.s. Megan~No need to appologize for the “generic” postcard. As long as you’re working hard to clean the “generic” out of this building.

Sure looks pretty though, must be November?

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