2018 Postcard Giveaway

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It was this time last year we visited the Dalí exhibit in St. Petersburg, Florida. Today, we are giving away postcards of Dalí’s art to our followers.

Postcard of the Week

Looking back, Dalí made a big impact on us here and a huge influence on why we chose Spain as our 2017 Trip of the Year. It wasn’t just his artwork but his lifestyle and larger-than- life persona that had us travel this past Fall to his hometown of Figueres and then the home he and Gala shared on the coast of the Mediterranean in Cadeqés.

So, in the spirit of our new look website we not only will share our stories of Dalí but this is your chance to have a hand written postcard sent to your mailbox.

Enjoy our take on the Dalí experience. At the end of the post we will show you, YOU, our devoted readers, how to receive your very own Dalí mini masterpiece.

St. Petersberg

The best way to see Dalí is to take the guided tour. The audio guide is fine but the tour with a knowledgable docent takes you up close and personal to the man himself~The Master of Surrealism.

Original caption: The treatment is beginning to work, apparently, for Señor Dali has now begun to sketch while the perfumed pads continue the compression of his eyeballs. Don’t ask us to explain the ancient “ad” for chewing tobacco beside the Dali couch. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Field Trip to the Dalí!

Dalí, the artist, was just as eccentric and surreal which is manifested in his paintings. His personality included some brilliant habits and techniques which created his dreams. These warped dreams were very apparent and reflective in his artwork.


Figueres is the birthplace of the famed artist, and where his crypt lays today… embalmed in such a way that should there be a way for any sort of future cryogenic-like reincarnation, he’d be ready. . . mustache and all.several portraits of Dali

(His body was recently exhumed to address a paternity suit. It was said his mustache is in perfect harmony, with the handle bars at his signature 10 past 10 o’clock style, just as he requested. And, for the record, there was no DNA match.)

Unlike Any Other Museum

exterior of the building

Dalí Theatre-Museum, covered in loaves of bread and topped with eggs, among other things

The Dalí Theatre-Museum is quite unique. Contrary to a logical, catalogued collection of art, typical of a museum, what we saw bordered between PeeWee’s Playhouse and genius. A museum conceived, designed and painstakingly choreographed by the master himself. It was utter chaos. To attempt to make sense of it, would be contrary to his intention. In Dalí’s words, “there are two kinds of visitors, those who don’t need a description and those that aren’t worth a description.” There you have it… just soak it in. So, let’s walk in those footsteps…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This stop was a two nighter. An opportunity to soak-in more of the Dalí world. In 1932 Dalí & Gala had humble beginnings. They bought a fisherman’s hovel, a mere 400 square feet, in Portlligat.

looking down upon the Dali home

No longer a fisherman’s hovel, that’s for sure

Systematically they acquired structures around them, built upon what they owned, and created an artists paradise with grand views, beautiful lighting, and the eclectic Dalí touch. Today it is known as the Portlligat Museum-House.

window from sun deck

a window from the sun deck

window in Dali home

little peak of the bay from the living room

We saw the tools of his trade:

It seemed slightly more subdued than his Figueres museum-home. But there wasn’t any question he had always been an eccentric.

We felt this was a nice wrap for a complete Dalí experience. Today we know enough of his bio to carry a decent cocktail party conversation. His is a colorful story, he pushed boundaries, was an enthusiastic entertainer, and revolutionized how we look at life.

Simply comment on this post and we will send you a souvenir Dalí postcard. Just a small token of thanks for following and the closest we can come to Wishing YOU were here.

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  1. Beau Luque

    My ex-husband, Pepe, styled himself after Dali. It was definitely attention seeking and it worked. Everyone wanted to know about him.

    1. Woody

      Yes Beau, we had seen Pepe perform a couple of times and certainly had the same larger-than-life persona as Dali. Thanks for following.


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