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Having last been to Epcot over a dozen years ago, today’s introduction to Epcot took me by surprise. I knew that I was going to be whisked from one country to another in a few hundred steps with a lunch break at a Biergarten in the heart of Germany but now I know what the meaning of the the iconic golf ball shaped sphere at the entrance symbolizes- the World.

I quickly learned, as we boarded a futuristic vehicle, that we were on an interactive ride (Disney-style) through the 13,000 years of information evolution: from cave drawings to instant text messages. The fascinating ways information has been passed on from cave to cave, epoch to ages, and from generation to generation. Stringing these years together in that little Jetson cruiser made me realize how far we’ve come and how close we are as humans in these short 13,000 years.


Nearing the end of our journey through time, we played a little imaginative  Q & A on our computer dashboard. Finishing up our survey and finally landing back where we started, we were handed a postcard from the future. Unfortunately, by the time I went to claim my postcard (Disney-style) the postmark had expired. And by that, I mean my $13 digital postcard had a two hour time-to-claim limit. By then we were celebrating Octoberfest in Bavaria.

Flights Available!

Flights Available!

I’m not sure if Walt Disney coined the phrase “time flies when you’re having fun” but that is just one lesson I learned while visiting Disney’s Epcot Center.

The other lesson I learned is that time flies when you’re spending coin. And I’m pretty sure Walt came up with that, but I’ll take the credit.

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