Neuschwanstein Troll

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It was this week back in 1985 we met this dude on the path below “Mad” Ludwig’s castle. I remember vividly the size of his gnarly hands which he couldn’t keep off Hali. This dirty old man, as I noted in my journal, made us miss the last bus and we hitchhiked back across the border into Austria. Luckily we were carrying our passports and at the border crossing handed them to the German fellas giving us a lift. I promised these guys a beer the next time our paths crossed. And we walked on down the road.

Neuschwanstein Castle Troll

Neuschwanstein Castle Troll

According to my journal, the hostel in the tiny, tidy town of Reutte Austria was full so we walked around the corner where we were pleasantly greeted by this sign…


Come On In!

If a private zimmer(room) was vacant, the sign was green. If full, red. As you can see, we lucked out. Come on in!

I describe the room as marvelously cozy, breakfast delivered promptly to our room, for $6 each. No, not just breakfast, the overnight stay plus a hearty breakfast. Imagine, airbnb 30 years later. And we thought the hostel was a good option? I’m guessing a hostel bed might have been about $5 each- in a shared room, and corn flakes for breakfast.

As King of Bavaria, Ludwig built extravagant castles and Neuschwanstein is the King of all his castles. The very one Walt Disney used to design his castle in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

May 26, 1984

Neuschwanstein Castle~Bavaria Germany

What do you think? I think I see Tinkerbell amongst the pixie dust. Or is it that gnarly dude castle troll?

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