Name the Knuckleheads

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The end of the road hitchin’ post before exploring the gateway to Yosemite is in Groveland. Just up the Pony Express road from Big Oak Flat. There’s not much here in the tiny town of Groveland. Off the beaten path is the gold miner jail with a decaying, drunk, straw-stuffed old west dude but the centerpiece of mainstreet is the Iron Door Saloon.

If I were to call a place my stompin’ ground, this throw back saloon would be it. It’s true! I’ve stomped here plenty. And a good time to stomp would be Thursday and Friday nights when the house honkytonk band Jonny Westray and the Flatlanders entertain the local town folk.


The Historic Iron Door Saloon

Here at the Iron Door there are no gold miners displays, no naughty burlesque shows, just locals and a few tourists on their way to Yosemite.

What makes this place historic is that it is the oldest continually operated saloon in California. It even stayed open during the Pine Mountain ice storm of ’86. That’s 1886. Back then our President was a guy named Grover. Remember President Grover Cleveland? No? Me neither. Incidentally, Tuesday nights is trivia night and it was here that I learned Grover Cleveland was the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms. Does that mean he was the only two term lame duck?

Never mind, for now a bit of a guessing game, pop-quiz, postcard trivia, call it what you will… a chance for you to win!!


Name the Knuckleheads

Postcard *BONUS*~~~Name the knuckleheads on this postcard and you could win the latest CD from Jonny Westray and the Flatlanders.

Well, let’s see, Woody is a dead give away. The others are up to you.

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