Mystery House

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A couple weeks ago I wrote about being a tourist in my own town. Well, I’ve lived in Portland half my life and in San Jose the other half and never saw San Jose’s claim to fame for the tourist board there.

It wasn’t until a few years ago on a road trip from Oregon that we toured the Winchester Mystery House.

Mystery House

Sara Winchester was the heiress to the Winchester Rifle Company and had millions of dollars to spend. What did she do with it? She spent it on around-the-clock remodeling of her home in San Jose until the day she died.

Did I think the house was spooky? Creepy? No, I just thought Sara Winchester was just plain crazy. She was infatuated with the number 13, installed doors that led nowhere, built double backed hallways, and lots of other architectural oddities that most people would deem “crazy”, including me.

Would I tour it again? No, probably not. Is the house haunted? Go see this remarkable house and judge for yourself.

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