Where the Wind Blows

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Bringing in a new year means evaluating where we’re headed going into 2016. Short answer, we don’t know.


Going where the weather suits OUR clothes and with Carlos still in the picture, the current forecast calls for more adventure ON THE ROAD. And like living in any climate, the forecast can (and will) change at a moment’s notice. At least in the short-term.

What we do know is that Florida weather in summer may suit our clothes, but NOT the vintage black fur coat Carlos wears. So come spring, we’ll be heading north.

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It’s been quite an undertaking being homeless for most of last year. Fun is probably not the right word but maybe fortuitous. Work, play, and a bed to sleep in seemed to come to us. Sure, there were the beautiful beach sunsets, imaginary reptiles in the campfire, and kite flying, but half our time was spent readying two rentals for new tenants in return for that bed to sleep in.



Mail delivery is still a challenge but we’ve adapted. Even though we’re camped, temporarily, (yes, I sleep in the van, in the driveway, while Hali sleeps with Carli, in OUR bed, in the house) Our storage POD is arriving later this week. Until then,  we have work to do.

Top of the agenda is finding Carli housing. Right now, we’re looking for the long-term solution. Renting is the simple short-term answer but we’re pursuing this prudent Pope proverb~~>  No sense putting hard earned money into someone else’s piggy bank, especially for Carli and the two of us. So we’ve been looking at investment property that will serve several functions.

First and foremost, to provide Carli a home with her commitment to Disney for five years. Our home and address when we need to come back. And finally, a property close enough to the Disney parks where keeping a tenant is a cinch.DSC_0051

Owning a home in Florida is very affordable, even for a young adult. So Carli is putting her own skin into this deal. She has sat on what was a small nest egg back in 1992 for what will be a considerable down payment on HER home. The rest comes from the Bank of Mom & Dad.

Win-Win for everyone. Carli continues her dream job while living in HER own home. We have a place, and a stake, in this home as well as a place to park the van. Carlos? As long as he’s with us, he’s still going where the weather suits his clothes. <~~~(CLICK HERE for our 2016 Theme Song)

Just don’t let the cat out of the bag about the climate change everybody’s talkin’ about.



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  1. Robert Scott

    Triple ouch on the Alamo Bowl!!! We were thinking of you after the game even though some of us were not rooting for OU. For the record, I was. Woe Ducks!!! Better luck next year.


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