Leaving Las Vegas

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P1020855I knew driving the van past the iconic Las Vegas “Welcome” sign that this city is not dog-friendly. How could it be? Desert temperatures for most of the year keep dogs indoors. But on this day with temps in the mid-seventies it was very friendly to Carlos. As he was the only dog we saw on “The Strip“, he was treated like a celebrity.

Show Time

You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog

Walking through the Bellagio, we got stares. We even had people taking selfies with Carlos as if HE were Elvis. Peeking into several casinos, we noticed that the poker tables were not surrounded by the fabled jowl-jawed dogs smoking stogies, pawing stacks of chips, cards, and impostering their best poker faces.











So we booked our Uber(<–click here) ride out to the better part of Vegas~the throwback side to early days of Las Vegas~Fremont Street.

This “strip” is way more pedestrian friendly, so naturally, much more pet-friendly. Again, Carlos was the only dog experiencing the glitter of the neon at the Fremont Street Experience. Even the panhandlers, though not penniless, noticeably dogless.

Of all the side shows that attracted most of the attention, Carlos was stealing them with his “Bad Boy” act. Here he is in a town that has just the right amount of wrong…



Bad Boy Carlos stealing the show from the Wannabe Wham! guy George Michael…



“I’ve Got Frostier Chops, Wham! Man”

These guys were playing at the Golden Nugget and Carlos happened to catch them before the show. Told front man Ace Frehley we were such big KISS fans we named our dog ACE. A white lie? Yeah, what the heck, this is Sin City and Carlos was on a roll. They all treated Carlos like a winner. Might as well rename the town ‘Los Vegas.

I wanna Rock N Roll ALL NITE, and Every Day. . . OHHH, I

I wanna Rock N Roll ALL NITE, and Every Day. . .

Carlos was welcomed to Vegas from these fantastic performers but we decided our high point was the Pinball Hall Of Fame.

P1020877 A few miles from the strip, as we were leaving Las Vegas, Carlos had the opportunity to strut his stuff as Pinball Wizard. Here we had the same buzzers and bells of the casinos on “The Strip” , gambled a couple dollars, and wagered a bet on Captain Fantastic.


A bet that made Carlos a winner.



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