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We arrived at Arne’s on Labor Day weekend. Coincidence? I think so.
We’re now going on five weeks…open house this weekend, review applicants, and help Arne select new tenants for this newly remodeled home in an excellent neighborhood. We’re at the end of the tunnel now and ready to venture east. This is a page from my journal dated Labor Day 2015~~~

We’re not sure how long we’ll be here in Ventura, but if we have time to kill before heading east toward the desert, this is a good place. Why not? FREE PARKING! And again the timing couldn’t be better.

Hali’s brother Arne needs to turnover a rental home. Mistakes were made in finding tenants for this property just a few months ago and we’re here to help.

There are the usual: two people working full-time jobs, two dogs, household chores, and the rehabbing of a rental house. Help is on it’s way and we’re here to stay. For perhaps a month.

The two of us rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Yeah, the placed was trashed but even after our first day we saw light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve set up flooring estimates, a DIY kitchen guy(we need to install a dishwasher in a house that’s never had one), and by working side-by-side with these guys this house will be someone’s home in a few weeks.


One of the more complicated issues Hali is dealing with is qualifying Arne for a countywide turf removal rebate. With the current water reduction efforts in California, many municipalities are offering rebates for relandscaping yards. Like any bureaucracy, there is plenty of footwork, paperwork, and of course yardwork to be done before any rebate comes Arne’s way.

Hali has been measuring, drawing up plans, filing paperwork many of the other homeowners ignore because of all the red tape involved. But Hali is determined to make this work for Arne.


New Patio

For fun, we’ve been visiting with Arne and Michelle, playing with their lively dogs, sampling local food and beers, and enjoying the temperate weather. If we could get ahead of the work at the rental, a day at the beach would be nice. Maybe this weekend. There’s an Aloha Beach Party out near the harbor and I’ll get a chance to wear my Hawaiian shirt and catch a rainbow.


Spirit of Aloha

~~~Five weeks later~~~

Pretty much right on schedule despite Arne having to fly out to Ohio for a week while Michelle recovered from an emergency appendectomy while on a business trip. The appendix couldn’t wait, the rental property needs finishing touches, the dogs need attention. Again, timing couldn’t be better.

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(Click here~~~>)Timing IS Everything

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