Jalama Burger

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One of the top ten “things to do” on the central coast of California according to TripAdvisor is Jalama Burger. Yes, it is an event and destination worth the twenty-mile twisty turning road off HWY 1 to eat one.


My Jalama Burger

The family that makes these burgers have been making them since 1973 and warn people driving out on a weekend that the wait to try one of these beauties could be over an hour. What they advertise is what you get, and I got two.

I would pay extra to wait just to watch the surfers on one of the prettiest beaches in California. Nothing is better to watch than the classic wipeout and for the savvy surfer, the “bailout“. In surfspeak, that’s when you give up on a wave by bailing out with a touch of surfer shred.

The Jalama Beach Store’s biggest selling postcard is this one~~~


The Jalama Burger Postcard

The lucky recipient of this postcard lives in Michigan. I’m hoping Burger Bob doesn’t eat this big boy like I saw some of those hungry surfers do.

All is swell in Jalama.


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