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Let it Go

Traveling with just a small backpack for nearly two weeks, it never occurred to me that I might pack my long johns and North Face parka, IN FLORIDA!

I get it, 90 degrees with the humidity and heat index over 100 degrees, air conditioning would be nice, but set at ICE COLD?

My hotel bed is lined with comfortable enough sheets and a thin cover but in that ICE COLD room I needed to request something warmer, like a a down comforter. Instead, housekeeping delivered me another thin blanket. Burrrrrr!

As the heat index hovered at about 100 degrees , I didn’t expect an ICE COLD pool, maybe tepid , but bath water? Dang! I wanted to cool down with a refreshing pool plunge. Gators may enjoy that pool water, not me.

Where’s the frozen food section in the supermarket? Every aisle! Ice cream? Forget it! I’m bringing hot chocolate back to the hotel room. Shivering, I had to thaw my exposed frostbitten hands, FROZEN (Let it Go!) to the shopping cart, at the chicken rotisserie over in the deli. Felt good, and smelt good, my chicken fingers.

And when shopping for a safe, reliable used car, most sellers ignore the condition of the brakes, tires, and transmission as long as the A/C is ICE COLD. In the mean time I’m test driving cars with squeaky brakes, bald tires, and leaky transmissions. Talk about an ICE COLD adventure…

ICE COLD Florida? At least the friends down here in the Sunshine State are pretty warm and fuzzy, not FROZEN.


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