Summer Of Love

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This photo was taken on the 4th of July the summer of ’85. Me and amore mio were on a weeklong “vacation” during our three month backpack tour of Western Europe.

May 26, 1984_0001

Amore mio, PJ, Zan

The little resort town of Riccione on the Italian coast of the Adriatic provided respite from trains, hostels, and worn feet. As I noted in my journal, the pensione not only provided a comfy room but three delizioso meals a day for the lira equivalent of $25-for both of us. Mama Mia!!

According to my written note on the backside of this postcard we got “sloshed” at this bar and belted out, World Cup style, our national anthem. In the photo are: Hali who looks as if on her way to sloshdom, PJ who adds what is trending to the front part of his name, in this case Tan-J, and Zan who irons everything, including his bedsheets. Both PJ and Zan are high school buddies who have lived in Europe since college.

May 26, 1984

Riccione Italy~ 4th of July 1985

Proof that, when traveling, networking pays off. Give an old friend a nudge. There’s nothing better than having a buddy who is also a local.

Hali, PJ, and Zan, ti amo!

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