Flashback Friday~Minnesota State Bird

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Today(virtually) I am here in Ely Minnesota. That’s why I wrote this last week knowing that I would have:

A) No internet connection B) Walleye on a stick C) A dusted bear club, at the ready, in the bunk house D) Forgotten to pack my T-shirt with a giant mosquito that says~ Minnesota State Bird. E) None of the above F) Some of the above G) One of the above H) All of the above I) What the…???

O Canada! How does that song go. . .?

O Canada! How does that song go. . .?

As the loon flies(the REAL state bird), Canada is five miles away. Maybe I’ll defect. Or is it, maybe I’m defective? Weird loon?

Whoaaa, Woody! Talk about loons? Dude, get a hair cut!

By the way fellow paddlers, that guy is NOT me, my hair is a lot longer. Sure looks like Eagles Nest Lake though.

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