First Stop, Beacon Rock

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Day four and we’ve covered 102 miles, 3 campgrounds, and no car problems. Well, there was a blown fuse on the radio(I think we cranked up our theme song too loud) but I wouldn’t consider that a problem. Not at all. In my tool chest, I have a spare 10 amp fuse going back to our 1970 VW Bug. Just can’t use the cigarette lighter while the radio plays- easy fix. While we drive, we can connect a gadget to its USB port. Just need to drive more than 30 miles a day to charge multiple gadgets. Do they even put cigarette lighters in cars anymore?


I’ve been very impressed with Thor. It’s slow going uphill but steady as she goes on the flatland. The drive through the gorge is most gorgeous from the Washington side with the two lanes keeping traffic slow and steady without the lumbering log trucks passing on the left-scary! We were actually on the interstate eastbound (on the Oregon side) for 20 miles and Thor hit 58mph.

We’ve chosen the Deschutes River for the next couple nights. A site on the river, grassy knolls, goslings, the shady boy, and ice still in the chest. Tomorrow I just might whip out the fishing rod. No, with the wind here, we’re gonna fly a kite.

go fly a kite

Weathering a wet first night, Carlos is loving this riverside site, the grassy knoll and low sandy stretch to the river. Now that we’re on the east side of the Cascades, it should be warmer and dryer.

Two hundred years ago, Lewis & Clark could read tidal changes at Beacon Rock on the Columbia River and knew they were getting closer to the Pacific. We may have camped in the very spot as the Corps of Discovery who were lucky to cover 20 miles a day on their journey west. So we’re on a slightly better pace, not that we’re racing, just enjoying the ride.


And I can’t remember the last time we flew a kite.

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