Oh, Oh, Oh, JOY! ???

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We do this every year. Why? I don’t know. Maybe to prove to friends and family that Woody gets a haircut annually, Carlos is still with us, and Hali keeps smiling despite Woody’s silly antics. And Carli? Well, she just loves being in front of a camera.

Seems easier than it is. . . Eyes closed, missing dog, glasses on, shirt pulled up, camera malfunction, choking dog. . . the irony of the message we are attempting to share. About the only thing you can count on when you’re getting your best shot of our family photo is Carli being annoyingly perfect every time. You know, she should be one of those princess characters for Disney!

Seems easier than it is!

Holiday Greeting 2013

Yes, this was a mere two years ago. The forethought, hard work, dreams, and JOY for what has evolved since then.

~Seasons Greetings~

The Popes

ps. That yellow line is also very annoying. Can’t figure it out for the life of me.

pss. Stay tuned for our annual **2015 Holiday Greeting**. Coming Soon! As a matter of fact, some of y’all may have already received it via snail mail.