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Hali will tell you that I don’t DO museums. The fact is, I enjoy museums, just not the traditional art museum. Take for instance the Louvre in Paris. Perhaps the most famous art museum in the world. Also, the most visited. I left unimpressed and without a postcard. Overrated? Yes.

Hoards of tourists flocking in one direction with one painting in mind~The Mona Lisa. Then, watch out at the exits, like a swarm of bees these tourists funnel through the turnstiles into the gift shop. Done! I saw The Mona Lisa!

In Norway, we visited the Nazi Resistance Museum, Vigeland Park, and the Viking Museum in Oslo. Open-air, hands-on, off-the-beaten-path museums are more my speed.

IMG0002 2At Vigeland Park there’s a little gallery inside with all you want to know about this artist. As a sculptor, many of his monolithic sculptures are displayed in an open-aired park. His evocative monuments were dedicated to “human suffering” and carved in granite. What I remember most was the two go us wandering uncrowded pathways through this park which overlooks the spectacular fjords of Norway.

Not a big crowd in the gift shop where I bought this postcard and sent it to my Mom. True to my condition that I get this postcard back, she sent it back.

IMG0002 3

And we want to get back to the museums Norway has to offer. Underrated? Yes.

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