Epic Road Trip

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The wheels are in motion. We are now shifting gears from the preparing stage, to the planning phase~the turning point.

So what drives us? Right now, we are planning an EPIC ROAD TRIP. Why notAfter 35 years with AAA, we weren’t about to stop our roadside service membership. Now that Hali has announced a “last work day” of May 1st, it seems that all systems go! Best of all, our dog Carlos has outlived our initial plan SO on this leg of our journey, the dog becomes part of the plan.

Early on we were asked to write down our ” pillars “. Places we might want to visit, explore, and experience, something like a bucket list. Turns out, with the exception of the Inca Trail, we had two entirely different pillar lists. Hali had far more exotic places in mind while Woody had places we could find in our own garage. Places like Washington DC, Gettysburg, Route 66, the Alamo. Carlos? He has no preference in the direction we go, he just wants to enjoy the ride(a stop at Big Trees might be nice). Despite being a bit of a nervous passenger, he just wants to be with us. Tucked there between the Captain and Navigator seats on what will be his last road trip.

So why not make it monumental, epic, historic, clutch, call it what you will, the dog is coming along~there’s no turning back.


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We are a couple who took the first step toward a life of traveling in May, 2015. Staying within the continental US, we amp'd the adventure-factor by traveling in a VW Vanagon, circa 1985. Our mission is to share irresistible and compelling stories conceived from this lifestyle of travel.

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