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~Say Cheese~

I’ve been to GOOD cheesy gift stores. Those were in Green Bay Wisconsin where we actually sampled cheese, sized up cheese heads, and bought a few postcards. There’s also the good cheesy gift stores like the one in Tillamook Oregon that serves up some good cheese. My favorite, the squeaky cheese.

When it comes to BAD cheesy gift stores, just outside the outer limits of Disney World, along the main drag, these gift stores take the cheesiest cake. Bad Disney knock-offs, cheese ball collectibles, you-name-it souvenirs, these shops have it all. Vast emporium buffets of stinky cheese. What’s even more incredible is that people actually eat up this cheese. Lots of it.

Beer Bottle Buffet

Beer Bottle Buffet

Just like the big flashing signs along this strip advertise, All You Can Eat. Yep, they leave Mickey Mouse behind with HIS cheese back at Disney World. Come here and you’re trapped in a maze of these cheesy gifts.

I didn’t pack a T-shirt knowing I’d get one here, in one of these stores. $1.99 for a T-shirt? Jeez, I’ll get two! So I scoured the sale racks, the reject bins, the discount shelves and even grilled the Asian woman behind the counter but the closest I came to a shirt for $1.99 was this…

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Mmm…Stay Faded Cheese

$4.99, what the heck, I’m headin’ back to Oregon in the morning. I’ll get two!! They’ll sell easily on Craigslist- $10 apiece. SNAP!!

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