Celebrity Sighting

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Some of the friendliest people we’ve met while traveling were the Irish. The lads here were a couple of Irishmen among dozens we met on a whim at the Stags Head in Dublin.


Instant Friends

I’ve been asked this before several times, ” You aren’t Michael Douglas are you?” This time the Irish in me took over as a passionate story-teller(craic) and I played along, but only long enough for them to offer to buy us a pint. Of course, had I said, “Well, people call me Michael, but I’m not Michael Douglas.” they probably would have played along as well and bought me a beer anyway.

On this particular day, our new found friends did not want us to leave the pub. One of the fellas laid down a bag of chips(french fries) on the bar to keep us thirsty. Another pint. Then, as the sky darkened, the other bloke told us the Trad music will begin at half past nine. Another pint.


Start Early, Stay Late

The musicians walked in, laid their instruments down in the corner near the peat fire, and ordered a round for the band. Two more pints and an hour later they were playing. They played, we played, well into the night.

We lost track of how many pints we had by the end of the night but we certainly had many more friends. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to be the focal point of a celebrity sighting.

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