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This came in the mail a week after visiting Carli in Florida…


How sweet, a Mickey Mouse Thank You note. Can you find the NEMO stamp? A Thank You for helping out? Sure, I was down there to help her get a car and move into a new place, but what KID thanks their PARENTS for visiting? I guess OUR little princess does. As Carli approaches her twenty second birthday, she also must be drinking plenty of the Disney tea. You know, the…

Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test…

… tea brand.

There were also kudos for being her loyal, most supportive fans and mention that she is high as a kite now that she is in the Disney entertainment industry. Anyone even watch the Disney channel? No? Well, better tune in because Carli is back in Disney Town.

And even though she’s all grown up, she’ll always be our little girl. Thank YOU Carli, for the Thank You.

Beauty and the Pest

Our Little Princess

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