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Sure the Magic Kingdom is FROZEN fun especially this time of year and takes two days to push through the crowds but my favorite “Kingdom” is Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Start your day in Animal Kingdom by booking a FastPass for the Kilimanjaro Safari. With this pass you’ll bypass the long line and walk right on a safari wagon with about thirty other explorers. Make sure your camera is charged and loaded for animal action. Save the rest of the day to explore the centerpiece of Discovery Island (Tree of Life), Asia, and DinoLand.

Now you can focus on the shows…

The admission price alone for just the shows would satisfy me and take just a half day. Flights of Wonder focuses on the natural talents of the various species of birds which are showcased in an educational presentation. No, you won’t see parrots riding bikes or turkeys trotting instead it’s a show that displays natural behaviors of the featured birds.



A Flock of Flamingos is a Flamboyance

Finding Nemo~The Musical incorporates dancing, singing, special effects, and the masterful work of puppets to tell the story of Nemo. You don’t need to be familiar with the story for this show to mesmerize.

You can leave the park now. You’ve got your money’s worth.

But Wait! You can’t possibly leave now! The Festival of the Lion King is about to start. Inspired from the Lion King, this rip roaring stage show is part musical, part parade, and part circus. Put all the parts together and you’ve seen a fantastic LIVE Disney production.

Now whip out that FastPass and head towards Africa. It’s adventure time! We were lucky enough to catch a safari near the end of the day when the animals are more active-I mean hungry. Just follow the rules, keep all limbs inside the wagon.



Cheetahs Always Prosper This Time Of Day



Tip your safari hat to the guide and head for the exits. Wow! We’ve just packed a two week safari into about 30 minutes. Whew! I’m adventured out! I Feel like African explorer Dr. Livingstone and am mighty thirsty.


Maisha Mareful! Swahili for Bottom’s Up!

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