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Having lived in Oregon the last twenty-five years with a school-aged child, I have been lucky enough to learn an inspirational history lesson. That of the Lewis&Clark expedition over 200 years ago.

They were sent out west along with the Corps of Discovery to document new discoveries and establish an overland route to the Pacific. I have totally embraced this story and in some regard taken our upcoming journey as relevant in visiting the “unknown”.

What I did learn from this expedition was that these explorers needed to be tactful in treading upon soil mostly undiscovered. In doing so, as ambassadors, they brought along with them “peace offerings” from the “Big Chief” back east in Washington. They carried along with them token gifts of buttons, medals, coins, and sometimes booze in order to “friend” what were considered “hostile natives”.


We have a gift bag stowed in our packs for our journey as well. Simple, lightweight gifts for friends we meet along our trail. We are, after all, traveling ambassadors paving a path from Oregon. And like sharing the Lewis&Clark story with Carli, we hope to tell OUR inspirational story some day to our school-aged grandchildren and to YOU of course.

Hmmm…I wonder what gift a hostile native might like?

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