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Today, Hali and I are taking Carlos to St. Augustine in search of the Fountain of Youth and to a place where the manatees migrate into the warmer waters of the hammock. We WERE picturing a beach lined with huge seal-like creatures sunny themselves in hammocks. No, turns out a hammock, in seal speak, is a bay or lagoon within a stand of trees on the stable side of the sand dunes. Stay tuned for photos.

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He has that last one down

In the mean time, I’m happy to announce that after I posted this over a year ago, I haven’t been back to the Golden Corral, they have changed their banner to ALL YOU CARE TO EAT, and my Northwest accent has reappeared- I’m wearing my beanie. It’s cold but I’m cravin’ the BBQ and the Wunderfalls. . .


If Vegas is the King of All-You-Can-Eat buffets, Disney World in Orlando may well be the Cowboy King of Southern buffets. All up and down the Disney strip huge neon signs advertise~> All You Can Eat.

By golly, there are buffets on every block: Indian, Chinese, Goofy’s Kitchen, pizza, sushi, BBQ. You-name-it, You Can Eat It All!!!

It doesn’t surprise me but there are lines out the door at these places. I know that cuz I had to wait. Yup, I confess, I was roped into the Golden Corral. Seen this place advertised back home but I think it’s a Southern buffet chain. Yes siree Bob, I was corralled into the Cowboy King of Buffets, The Golden Corral, while visiting Florida.

Texas Chili

Texas Chili

There’s something here for everyone. I didn’t get halfway ’round the BBQ pit before steering my huge plate piled high with pulled pork, ribs, chicken, steak, and hushpuppies back to my table. Mmm… a cauldron of real Texas chili right here in Florida. Boy, was this good! None of that crappy ready-to-eat stuff. There was a real cowboy chef down in the pit grillin’ all this smokey goodness. Howdy, Cowboy Chef… the bean master, they call him Cookie and don’t mess with Cookie~ Only a fool argues with a skunk, a mule or a cook.

After gobblin’ down that chow, I was fixin’ for seconds~~ had to gitty up to the other side of that chuckwagon station. Forget the salad bar, this ain’t no Swee’ Tumaters, I’m at The Golden Corral, gimme the meat. Thanks Cookie.

Chocolate Wunderfalls

Chocolate Wunderfalls

But the real treat, the reason Golden Corral is King of Buffets, why I saved room for dessert, is the chocolate wunderfall.

Crimany, look at that! A fountain of chocolate flowing in buckets down tiered falls into pools of chocolate. Looked better than creamed gravy. Heard there’s a Fountain of Youth here in Florida, reckon this ain’t it. And next to the chocolate fountain, white chocolate and caramel wunderfalls. It didn’t take me long before I dove in. Dippin’ strawberries, marshmallows, pizza, rice crispy treats. I was in dessert heaven. Simply wonderful.

Dessert Heaven

Dessert Heaven

Was this a dream?

No siree Bob, I woke up in the middle of the night with my gut all catawampous. Ah crap! Felt like I swallowed a spur. That danged chuckwagon chili!!

Tomorrow I’ll be searching all over town for that Fountain of Youth. In the mean time, Golden Corral please, please, please don’t come to the Northwest.


Found It!

BTW, My fortune in the fortune cookie( I said they had everything)~~~

~~~ Confucius say: You eating like cowboy, talk like cowboy  (^_-)



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