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Sept. 4-Oct. 25, 2015: VENTURA. We had a Ventura Pin on the map from the get-go, but who knew the timing would align with our hosts’ need for some serious back up.

That’s us: Serious Back-Up. Or, the Go To Duo. (OK, we need to do a little more work on our super power names. . . )

Medical emergency while traveling on business?, Open House to host next day?, Back to back events (Bat Mitzvah, wedding, 50th birthday) tapping out your time to get chores done?, simultaneously have two dogs, a cat and a chicken to care for? We have been the go-to, in these exact situations. I know you would have come up with a solution, but it’s no match for the magic staying right in your mother-in-laws quarters.

Obviously, no one can plan an emergency, but imagine passing off just one nagging chore this week, such as getting the car in for a smog check, organize your fourth graders California Mission Project, pick up that special dog food, get air in the bike tires. Sometimes it’s getting those nagging monkeys off your back, that triple your freedom.

We enjoy trading our time to assist you in miscellaneous efforts, for room, wifi and some kitchen space.

WE SPENT 52 NIGHTS IN VENTURA, and though our “just being there” helped our hosts in tremendous ways, it was our capacity as personal assistant that made a significant difference in their lives.

We performed research, produced documents, set appointments, interviewed vendors, absorbed tasks, managed an active calendar. In addition, we were handed the keys to a recently vacant rental house, in order to handle the necessary clean up and repair, hold open houses, screen candidates, as well as secure a viable tenant. No step was taken without direct input from the home owner – very important to us.

If this sounds like help you might be able to use – let’s talk!

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