Need a helping hand??

Need a Helping Hand??

During our travels we have found that we can be pretty helpful to our hosts. It wasn't much of a surprise, but it hadn't been our objective until we realized how much it was appreciated. So, we are putting it "out there." Our helpful hands in trade for room & board. It may not be our main focus, but you never know when our handiness aligns with your location and your need for assistance.

A little background:

Even before our road life, we were frequently the "go-to" team to assist. We filled holes during vacations, or emergency situations. Pet care, watering yards or making sure kids get to school, soccer, dance etc.

Say "Cheese"!

We also have a laundry list of quirky, one-of-a-kind circumstances where we've lent a helpful hand: running the errand when your colic baby needs Pedialyte, "STAT"; the one who stands the night watch in the fund raiser firework stand; or "rescuing" a stranded teenager and their teenager car. We have assisted with garage sales, helped people move, and filled countless other stopgap needs.

We are fast learners and hard workers. We have a strong resume of on-the-road helping hands and share a couple in these links below:

You can also check out the "Topics of Interest" in our sidebar (or at bottom of the page on mobile devices) and choose the "Help Line" category.

Professional Skills for Trade

In addition to our general help, Hali has skills developed from years of working in escrow. General accounting, bookkeeping, or balancing your checkbook. Turning over rental properties: from hiring contractors - if we can't do it ourselves - to screening tenants. She has demonstrated strong skills to find the best tenants.

Can We Help You?

If it sounds like we might be able to help you and you'd like to discuss your specific situation, please contact us.