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As you may know, Woody is all about preparing for our world wide travels; we are not planning our trip (yet); heaven forbid if you ask “what is your route?” because WE are in the preparation stage. You know, preparing: like our mission of selling one thing a week, or down sizing the family home, or weeding through countless saved ticket stubs. Planning comes later (apparently.)

SO, in my efforts of preparing, and much to Woody’s disbelief, I am learning to ride a motorcycle. “How in the world is riding a motorcycle preparing?” Woody asks, feeling as

Riding 101

Riding 101

though it is only $$$ out the door. He remains unconvinced of my belief that riding a motorcycle is a fine act of preparation.

Having command of a 500 pound motorcycle is empowering for a person of 5’3″. Facing the anxiety of your dozenth stall creates endurance and humility. Building confidence is preparing.

I read from the Travel Junkies the three of them would pile on a scooter “Bali style” I think they said. I want to be able to run to town to get the groceries!

Well, just tell people you took a “riding” class, at least that makes more sense.


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