Woody, the One Pot Wonder

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River Walk

We’ve had more camping opportunities than I imagined we would seize at this point in our journey. Turns out, camping is the logical solution for this part of our travels. We have a rhythm going that accommodates one-nighters pretty easily. Not that one-nighter camping is a snappy solution. . . but it meets our needs nicely – our bed is extremely comfortable, it’s the best nest, Carlos loves living outdoors, and we all enjoy the beauty of being by some body of water.

Obeying Leash Law

Obeying Leash Law

Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water

There’s a shuffle we do, once we locate our camp spot, beginning with a fast hustle to get the dog out, and with a bowl of water. I climb on top (a part of the van we call “the bathtub”) to unload door mat, chairs, etc. Woody sets up his kitchen.


Thor -in hiding

He can make magic happen on that single burner. He delves in the caverns of our two coolers and with simple calculations, come up with something that I believe would exceed most campers expectations. Single pottedly….

the One Pot Wonder

the One Pot Wonder

BUT, because we’ve been using these awesome camp opportunities, we have the added benefit of campfires! And, that is my department. . . I just enjoy playing – I mean, building – fires. And, when Woody has a second source of cooking available, that single pot meal blossoms with the addition of grilled corn, baked potato, grilled zucchini – or, as Woody would call it, Balsamic Grilled Zucchini with Sea Salt.

Whatever isn’t eaten that night, is somehow repurposed into a logical breakfast or lunch meal – country hash browns, steak & eggs, chopped salad with grilled corn, etc. I’m telling ya, it’s a mystery how it’s done, but I enjoy every moment of it.

Now that we have this camping down, we’ll be changing it up: a Cabin in Lake Tahoe. We’ll be celebrating my brother’s 50th birthday!!

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3 thoughts on “Woody, the One Pot Wonder

  1. Michele

    One of my favorite past times: Cooking alongside the river. Rock on you guys! I’m trying REALLY hard to not be jealous!


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