Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Chicagoland, Illinois

It’s apparent we are becoming a part of a little neighborhood around here. Along with it, comes some community participation…  BBQ! I’ve also come to realize that being a neighbor means you can be someone to lean on. I like that. People need people.

Craigslist AGAIN

Our primary goal this week has been to help Maribel thin out her basement, which is filled with household treasures. Treasures which have not seen the light of day for over 4 years.

two brass candlesticks

Get your candlesticks here!

Things which came from a 6 bedroom, 7000 square foot home! Unpacking, unwrapping, and organizing someone else’s belongings is labor intensive. And, well, sort of depressing too – the circumstances are difficult. One week and we’ve sold a drum set, treadmill, chair and a few other items… not our first rodeo, this Craigslist thing.

My 2nd Catering/Serving Job

I’ve had a 2nd serving “gig” for a neighbor in the catering business. This time we were in the notable Hyde Park district of Chicago. It was a Cocktail Garden Party. There were about 100 guests, and the hosts requested hors devours from a “yesteryear” era, the 50’s-60’s. I joked, “so they’re looking for cocktail wieners?”

Turns out, I wasn’t too far off. For example, we served pimiento cheese in celery, deviled eggs, and tiny radish sandwiches.

What surprised me: everyone literally ate it up! My arms were sore carrying the heavy serving platters, and legs were sore climbing the stairs. I learned two things that day: read the menu (I almost forgot TWO items to get out!) and understand EXACTLY what’s in each item (food allergies are a big deal.)

Photos for a Friend

Another neighbor is a Master Gardener and herbalist who is starting a new business. She needs help with a brochure, and wants video for her new website. Since I’m not too swift with the video technology, I offered up a slideshow. I’ll conclude this mini post with it:

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