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I was an Airbnb fan, before it even existed.

How can that be, you ask? Well, back in the day, lovely matrons, empty nesters, or anyone with a spare room, would hang out at the (European) train station to tempt new arrivals with their graciousness, a promise of a nearby room, and a cushy bed to lay your head. On more than a few occasions we would engage in some serious sign language negotiations to determine if their offer would meet our needs. If it sounded good, we would follow in tow, often behind a serious grand-mother-type, who would hoof it faster than our train weary, backpack laden, selves.hostel

I believe there was only one time we questioned our sanity at this strategy – and I remember specifically it was in Barcelona. The only words we were successful in exchanging were: Ronald Reagan, Scrooge McDuck, and $637,422 pesetas/nite.

And, yet, still we followed in tow.

You see, the essence of Airbnb existed, but the internet did not. Today, we no longer have to question ourselves, and, “they” no longer need to hang out at the train station or risk inviting an unfavorable guest. Thanks to the Airbnb vetting process, along with reviews, both visitor & host know what they’re going to get.

I’m lovin’ on Airbnb today, in case you couldn’t tell. We found our recent stay in that part of our nation known as the Lowcountry,  – the region of South Carolina’s coastal range, where cuisine and culture distinguish it from other southern regions.

Artsy Chill - Room Two

Airbnb, Artsy Chill – Room Two

Charleston, South Carolina

Currently we are sharing the home of a hip educator, her two sweet dogs, and a couple of guests from Houston, Texas. The home is spacious and spotless, with plenty of leg room for us, as well as for the four legged variety.

So, let me speak to Charleston for a moment. Originally named Charles Town, after King Charles, II of England, here is a city steeped in history. A history which includes pirates, Indians (Native Americans), and countless battles – it has to be cool, huh?

We saw homes built before our country was even a country.

the Land was granted in 1682!

the land was granted in 1682!

The architecture is distinguished and stately – clearly displaying the wealth of its citizens… much of which was built and maintained upon the shoulders of the enslaved. It is a port town, and in its, heyday 4th only to Boston, New York, and Philadelphia (not necessarily in that order.)


Greek Revival is my guess

Greek Revival architecture


Federal style architecture

Federal style architecture


a balcony for every floor! (and my guess is this what they would call Italianate architecture)

a balcony for every floor! (and my guess is this what they would call Italianate architecture)

And, such magnificent homes have garden courtyards – many of which were dog friendly:

peaceful courtyards

peaceful courtyards

P1010304dog in front of a door

And, if you get lucky as we did, you might even catch a southern belle:

Her momma made the dress, and got all shy when the cameras came out...

Her momma made the dress

The weather was so comfortable, and the atmosphere exudes romance – or maybe I’ve read too many historical romance novels?P1010313

Horse drawn carriages almost out number the cars

Horse drawn carriages almost out number the cars

We spent two days in Charleston and sampled a small, but delicious, taste of what they had to offer. We left plenty of room to visit again, and digest more!


2 thoughts on “Before Airbnb

  1. Mormor

    Beautiful photos! You have such an artistic eye. Carlos doesn’t look too impressed, but love how he is sitting!


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