Whisked Away In Portland

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Just one week in Portland and it feels like I never left. Well, other than I’m not residing behind a desk! The biggest change I observed: Portland is part of a growing list of cities where hate crime violence is mushrooming. This bothers me. . . saddens me.

impromptu Memorial at portland's hollywood transit center

Hollywood Transit Center memorial

But I can also say, I am from a city where complete strangers are willing to band together in an effort to combat violence. That makes me proud, and I am grateful for those people from my city. I want to take this brief moment to acknowledge them and recognize their heroism.

Everything Is Growing Like Crazy

I can tell it has been an unusual winter. Common yard plants seem to have taken on some sort of Gulliver-like proportions. Poppies the size of dinner plates.salmon colored Portland poppies Berry bushes overtaking city sidewalks. And the roses – oh my gosh, they could be from the Jurassic Period or something – they are out of this world huge. peach colored rosesWhat a great time of year to be back!

Picking Up Where We Left Off

From the moment we stepped out of the van, we had places to go and people to see. Like, a river cruise courtesy of Patty & Steve. What a great way to get reacquainted with our old stomping grounds. We saw plenty of sun, the bustle of the Rose Festival beginning to be laid out at the waterfront, the bulging water ways, and one or two new bridges!

on a boat with a dog

with a little help from our friends… (Patty & Toby)

portland bridges

city of bridges

Tilikum Crossing - portland's newest bridge

new bridge: Tilikum Crossing!

Hitting the Favorites

We visited Woody’s favorite watering hole, the 5th Quadrant. I believe Woody felt a little like a legend, even though some of the regulars have moved on to new jobs, or new “holes”. The manager told Jerry – the bar owner – to deliver drinks “to table 5”. Jerry knew it was a set up, but still very surprised when he saw it was us. He updated us on the Portland beer scene, and absolutely flattered Woody when he shared his latest drink coasters. It was Woody’s idea!

a postcard coaster


The rounds were even on the house!

This last week went fast. We ate at the Blind Onion, had sushi, Lebanese at Nicholas’ on Broadway and the new 10 Barrel downtown. Sounds like I may be eating my way through Portland this visit! We’ve had mini reunions and a grand BBQ – just like old times – at Bevs’.

backyard BBQ

hostess with the mostess

3 young adults strike a pose

strike a pose at the backyard BBQ

We’ll Be Rolling Up Our Sleeves Too

Our intentions are to lend an extra hand as well. We have a “honey do” list! From painting & staining to yard work & weeding, as well as fun updates around the house. The best part is it includes two walks a day with this fella:

yellow lab


Ah, yes, it’s a good time to be in Portland. If you’re in Portland, chances are I’ll be looking you up soon!

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