What Color Would Your Shotgun Be?

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I’m talking housing here. A new term for this real estate veteran, it describes a home style, such as tudor, bungalow, victorian. . . and then there’s shotgun! If you were to fire a shot from the street through the front door, the bullet would travel through every room in the house -past the fireplaces in each room – and out the back door. 150px-Shotgun_house_planIt’s a style found predominately in the south, and had a long life span from 1860’s, through the 1920’s.

We’re in New Orleans, and staying at our first Airbnb for this trip.

Jordann's Airbnb

Jordann’s Airbnb

It’s a lovely “double barrel” shotgun house (two houses sharing a common wall,) and such a rewarding stay, that I’m knocking myself for not looking into it more often. Nevermind there isn’t TV, wifi, or enough outlets to charge our equipment, at $65.00/night, walking distance to everything NOLA offers, the opportunity to genuinely meet people whom have first hand experiences of the area, not to mention knowledge of the best _____ (fill in the blank), we’ve got to do this Airbnb more often!

In the heart of New Orleans, 10 years after Katrina, we can still see signs of rebuilding and we hear the frustration associated with gentrification. According to USA Today and The Data Center, Orleans Parish is whiter than pre-Katrina, squeezing out almost 100,000 African Americans (!) as housing costs climb and professional millennials move in. We’ve all seen that movie before, just a different venue.

Other than the thrill from intriguing architecture, here’s what floats my boat about our New Orleans visit: it’s dog-friendly!  Digging in the Mississippi mud,

Still Attracting Attention

Still Attracting Attention

fortunes told in the street, art in the streets,

Dog Art!

Dog Art!

music in the streets, we even got to see a wedding party dance in the streets with the revelers following in tow, carrying sunbrellas and twirling white napkins over their heads,

carriage drivers would throw Carlos a nod, and the warning, “my dog’s bigger than yours!”

Yup, One Big Puppy

Yup, One Big Puppy

Carlos would take all this activity in with his usual, nonchalant manner, the world just whistling by,

Can't Hear a Word They're Saying

Can’t Hear a Word They’re Saying

But, my highlight was meeting our front-door neighbor, Thistle, and comparing notes on life in a bus. Granted, her bus was bigger, complete with potbelly stove and upright piano!

Too Much, Magic Bus

Too Much, Magic Bus

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